Blasphemy Day – Freedom of Expression

As you know, September 30th marks the celebration of a day known as the International Blasphemy Day. On this day, it has become a tradition that people can openly express their thoughts and criticisms on various issues, often about religion; hence the term “blasphemy”. This day can be viewed as a celebration of freedom of … Continue reading “Blasphemy Day – Freedom of Expression”

Vaughn Belak Artist Interview – Tango with the (very very handsome talented) Devil

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Vaughn Belak, who paints like he is trying to beat the devil himself in a hot goth girl portrait contest. Although he says his tastes run more to dirty glam than southern fried rock, I’d say this is a Devil Went Down to Georgia situation, where Mr. Belak … Continue reading “Vaughn Belak Artist Interview – Tango with the (very very handsome talented) Devil”

Embrace The Shadows With Vaughn Belak’s Master Strokes

Vaughn Belak’s work carries with it a sophisticated feel and a tempting style that makes you want to sit down and survey each line, not so much to memorize it, but to discover every stroke involved in their brilliant expression of the beauty of the dark arts. The depth and attention to detail that captures … Continue reading “Embrace The Shadows With Vaughn Belak’s Master Strokes”

Support Happy Alarm Audra’s Sexy and Imaginative Style

Lots of color and sexiness can be enjoyed with this beautiful woman, and you’ll constantly find yourself not only staring at Ultra Happy Alarm Audra in delight, but also coming back for more. The way that her hair looks in combination with her… …Wait a minute! I am going at it as usual, but this … Continue reading “Support Happy Alarm Audra’s Sexy and Imaginative Style”

Support The Alt Goddess RazorCandi!

RazorCandi is super-hot and passionate about what she does, and her smooth skin, dazzling body and her seductive personality can have you howling at the moon with every image where you see her posing erotically for you and… …I got distracted for a second there, so before I continue with saucy descriptions of her awesomeness, … Continue reading “Support The Alt Goddess RazorCandi!”

Satanism and Star Wars

The 9Sense Podcast appears to have a bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach to their talks about Satanism. In just over three hours from now, you can tune in on YouTube to check out the live stream of their conversation about Satanism and Star Wars. Will a Satanist deconstruction of Star Wars iconography be ridiculous or … Continue reading “Satanism and Star Wars”

Satanist David Suhor Leads Pensacola City Council Opening Prayer, Ill-Mannered Xtians Violate Constitution

The Washington Post just posted a video of David Suhor giving a Satanic invocation to open a Pensacola City Council meeting. David Suhor represents the West Florida Chapter of The Satanic Temple (TSTWF). The really appalling thing about this Washington Post video of the event is that a number of self-identified Xtians in the place … Continue reading “Satanist David Suhor Leads Pensacola City Council Opening Prayer, Ill-Mannered Xtians Violate Constitution”

Satanic Temple Protects Children from Abuse in School

The excellent Dirge Magazine reports that the Satanic Temple is stepping up to help protect children from physical abuse in school. The Protect Children Project raises awareness of corporal punishment still going on in America and offers students tools to defend themselves. The site offers a boilerplate school board letter for students to print out … Continue reading “Satanic Temple Protects Children from Abuse in School”

Georgia Bans Voluntary Female Genital Piercing

A big FUCK YOU goes out to the Georgia State Representatives, who voted unanimously today to make the practice of genital piercing illegal for women – but not men. The main purpose of the original bill (enacted in 1995) was to make female genital mutilation, a brutal ritual practiced in many African and Middle Eastern … Continue reading “Georgia Bans Voluntary Female Genital Piercing”

The Fenix Underground Reopens

After a 2 year long hiatus, the legendary Fenix Underground (aka. “The Fenix”), in Seattle WA, will be reopening it’s doors on May 15th. The Nisqually Earthquake, on Feb. 28, 2001, devastated the historic Cadillac Hotel building, the former home of the Fenix, forcing the popular nightclub to close its doors after ten years of … Continue reading “The Fenix Underground Reopens”