Support The Alt Goddess RazorCandi!

By Sapphire Phoenix on September 9, 2016

RazorCandi is super-hot and passionate about what she does, and her smooth skin, dazzling body and her seductive personality can have you howling at the moon with every image where you see her posing erotically for you and…

…I got distracted for a second there, so before I continue with saucy descriptions of her awesomeness, I have one question to ask you: You have always dreamt of taking RazorCandi home with you, haven’t you?

That’s alright, I know you have, who hasn’t really? Well, I have great news for you, because her next project is close enough to that desire of yours, as she has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help her publish a coffee table artbook that you can take home and enjoy.

The book will feature pictures from various photo sets throughout her artistic career, giving you different samples of her Goth, Deathrock and Punk styles and some of the sexy stuff she has done through 10 glorious years. The best part about this is that the artbook is planned as a hardcover book, which means that if she reaches her goal, you can have RazorCandi closer to you than ever before.

There are many ways to support her Kickstarter, and they all come with a special set of rewards, so you can choose which package best suits you and get on backing her project. If you have any questions about the campaign, or if you want to jump in and help make this artbook a reality, you can go to her Kickstarter page, and check out her project’s video.

RazorCandi is a one girl army in when it comes to her modelling, as she does her own costumes and makeup and she is involved in many stages of the creative process and the execution of her shoots. She has also fulfilled many of your fantasies, and now it’s your chance to help her make one of her dreams a reality.

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