Mistress Persephone

By I Love The Devil on July 16, 2002

You might have already heard of Mistress Persephone, the elegant gothic domme behind SickChixxx.com.

But soon you’ll have a chance to see a lot more of her. She’s recently appeared in two issues of Skin Two, and has upcoming spreads in Bizarre and Leg Show. She’s just performed in Atlanta at The Chamber on February 7, and after that, she heads to New York for Bondcon NYC. Her live performances mesh elements of burlesque, sideshow and cabaret with her own sinister flair.

Mistress Persephone’s stated goal is to bring “the worlds of exotica, fetishism, horror and gothic erotica together to create my own hybrid for the new millennium.”

“I always wanted to be a movie star,” her bio states, “but not like most people desire to be. I always craved to be adored among the trench-coat cinema crowd, the midnight movie-goers, and eclectic hipsters.” The petite redhead is a self-professed fan of Hammer horror films and other B movies, plays both top and bottom roles (“I’m not submissive, just perverted and a bit of a rope slut”), and adores dress-up games. Her fetish wardrobe is arguably one of the most expansive in the business and her collection of exquisite high heels and boots is the envy of fetishists worldwide.

Her career started as a bondage model in 1994 with Centurian Spartacus and since then she has gone on to model for many top fetish fashion designers, publications and has starred in nearly 100 fetish videos. In 1995 she began taking clients as a professional domme and since then has honed her skills and accepts applications from only the most subservient of men to worship her and those with a very masochistic streak searching for an artist of the divine and cruel arts.

She lives between Hollywood and London and enjoys traveling, fine dining and making men go weak in the knees.



Mistress Persephone SickChixxx

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