About Us

The devil represents many things to many people, but, to us, it also represents an ultimate metaphor for individuality, vanity and self indulgence. With nothing better to do at the time and a love for hot alterna-chicks, art, and photography, ILoveTheDevil.com was created. ILD is published with the intent to provide a modern webzine and resource for all things self indulgent. Instead of the skulls, flaming swords and other 80’s metal BS normally associated with other devilish zines, founder Schoepfergeist (aka: Sean Earley) felt it was time to step into the new millennium and try something different. Sean Earley is a designer, musician and producer. He loves whiskey, voodoo, smoking and the devil.

If you also love hot alterna-chicks, art, photography, whiskey, voodoo, smoking, freedom, individuality, vanity, self-indulgence, and/or the devil, we’d love to hear from you via our Contact Us page. ILD is interested in your news tips and would love to hear from people interested in writing for the site, devilish babes interested in being interviewed for the site, and, of course, cool companies dying to shower us with your advertising dollars.