UltraHappy Rainbow Mischief Looking Evil

UltraHappy is one of our ILoveTheDevil interview spotlight babes. Today is her first MFC show. UltraHappy has adorably evil eyebrows today and she is moving her laptop around and joking about which angles she looks most evil from. She says she use to stream on Playboy, but they did not really let her be herself, … Continue reading “UltraHappy Rainbow Mischief Looking Evil”

Vaughn Belak Artist Interview – Tango with the (very very handsome talented) Devil

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Vaughn Belak, who paints like he is trying to beat the devil himself in a hot goth girl portrait contest. Although he says his tastes run more to dirty glam than southern fried rock, I’d say this is a Devil Went Down to Georgia situation, where Mr. Belak … Continue reading “Vaughn Belak Artist Interview – Tango with the (very very handsome talented) Devil”

Black Leather Crown Hot Morrigan

HotMorrigan appears to be a dangerous mistress. She is an alienated goth girl, listening to Nine Inch Nails, in a black leather crown, just waiting to rule you with her sensual darkness. Also, she says she excels at fixing plumbing. Probably both literally and metaphorically. Username: HotMorrigan Gender: Female Body Type: Slim/Petite Ethnicity: Caucasian Hair: … Continue reading “Black Leather Crown Hot Morrigan”

Happy Alarm Interview

She is Happy Alarm on social media and she is Audra on MyxTV’s The Doll Life reality show and she is Dorothy on Blue Blood and she is sometimes Dorothy and sometimes Audra on Messy Hot. A raver rose with colorful stickers on her adorable face, by any other name, and all that. No matter … Continue reading “Happy Alarm Interview”

Philosophical Devil Lexi Belle

Superstar Lexi Belle has recently started doing broadcast from her home in Chicago and she is live right now, hanging out with everyone in her room. It is kind of wild to think that you could just register for a free profile and be able to immediately interact live with someone as famous as she … Continue reading “Philosophical Devil Lexi Belle”

WingID_Lust First Time As a Nun

WingID_Lust says this is her first time as a nun, but it came out as more of a demonic nun. Well, yes. Red eyes? Check. Upside down cross on forehead? Check. Drippy evil black gothic eye makeup? Check. Sexy skimpy nun habit? Check. Yes, WingID_Lust is right and she ended up doing more of a … Continue reading “WingID_Lust First Time As a Nun”

Under the Dark Wings of Ashe_Maree

Ashe_Maree says she is going to get her “monster book” and she is playing Eminem singing about how Slim Shady is the result of creating a monster. This track is on the Suicide Squad movie soundtrack. Ashe_Maree is planning on reading scary Halloween monster stuff, while doing naughty things suggested by her people in her … Continue reading “Under the Dark Wings of Ashe_Maree”

Kota Morgue Smokes to $UICIDEBOY$, Last Chance to See Her Tummy

Kota_Morgue is blasting G59 Recording artist $UICIDEBOY$ and demonstrating her smoke rings skills and talking dirty (sort of sarcastically and sort of hot anyway) about vaping. Lots of Satan and Lucifer in $UICIDEBOY$’ lyrics, so definitely check them out, if you haven’t heard them before. Kota_Morgue knows the good edgy music tunes. Tonight is your … Continue reading “Kota Morgue Smokes to $UICIDEBOY$, Last Chance to See Her Tummy”