WingID_Lust First Time As a Nun

By Sally Lupercalia on October 4, 2016

WingID_Lust says this is her first time as a nun, but it came out as more of a demonic nun. Well, yes. Red eyes? Check. Upside down cross on forehead? Check. Drippy evil black gothic eye makeup? Check. Sexy skimpy nun habit? Check. Yes, WingID_Lust is right and she ended up doing more of a demonic nun than a virgin nun. WingID_Lust says the red contact lenses were really hard to put in but totally worth it. She also just made a naughty video of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and she says she went really over the top on it and used up all her Sally makeup and carved six pumpkins by herself. Given her fine spooky taste, I expect those ended up being fine spooky pumpkins. She says the dry ice she got did not work that well, though, so word to the wise on investing in Halloween dry ice. Anyway, it is free to register a profile today to join everyone in WingID_Lust‘s chat room. She just logged on, so, if you are feeling baller, even a pretty small tip could appear on her screen with your name up in lights. That probably will only be the case for a few more minutes though.

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