Kota Morgue Smokes to $UICIDEBOY$, Last Chance to See Her Tummy

By Sally Lupercalia on September 30, 2016

Kota_Morgue is blasting G59 Recording artist $UICIDEBOY$ and demonstrating her smoke rings skills and talking dirty (sort of sarcastically and sort of hot anyway) about vaping. Lots of Satan and Lucifer in $UICIDEBOY$’ lyrics, so definitely check them out, if you haven’t heard them before. Kota_Morgue knows the good edgy music tunes. Tonight is your last chance to see Kota_Morgue pale smooth white tummy, delicately framed by two red crosses. She is about to take a trip to Europe and get that whole area hardcore inked. It is free to sign up your evil tattoo nickname to chat live with Kota_Morgue and watch her show. If you feel flush, she is offering some killer last minute deals for new tippers that you can ask her about.

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