Kota Morgue Smokes to $UICIDEBOY$, Last Chance to See Her Tummy

Kota_Morgue is blasting G59 Recording artist $UICIDEBOY$ and demonstrating her smoke rings skills and talking dirty (sort of sarcastically and sort of hot anyway) about vaping. Lots of Satan and Lucifer in $UICIDEBOY$’ lyrics, so definitely check them out, if you haven’t heard them before. Kota_Morgue knows the good edgy music tunes. Tonight is your … Continue reading “Kota Morgue Smokes to $UICIDEBOY$, Last Chance to See Her Tummy”

Blasphemous Birthday Girl Kota_Morgue

When I first came across the beautiful Kota_Morgue, she was literally eating pages out of the Bible. It is her birthday today. She seems like she should be an October 31 baby, but apparently not. She is celebrating with drink and smoke, regardless of doctor’s orders. Have to love self indulgence. Especially when it looks … Continue reading “Blasphemous Birthday Girl Kota_Morgue”

Beautiful Badass Kota_Morgue has some Bible Pages for You

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that it looks like Kota_Morgue is livestreaming tearing pages out of a gold leaf leather-bound bible and eating them. I’m kidding. I never know better and Kota_Morgue is definitely livestreaming a fabulous blasphemous show. She has this crazy blood dripping goth girl horror makeup on and she looks … Continue reading “Beautiful Badass Kota_Morgue has some Bible Pages for You”