Blasphemy Day – Freedom of Expression

As you know, September 30th marks the celebration of a day known as the International Blasphemy Day. On this day, it has become a tradition that people can openly express their thoughts and criticisms on various issues, often about religion; hence the term “blasphemy”. This day can be viewed as a celebration of freedom of … Continue reading “Blasphemy Day – Freedom of Expression”

Blasphemous Birthday Girl Kota_Morgue

When I first came across the beautiful Kota_Morgue, she was literally eating pages out of the Bible. It is her birthday today. She seems like she should be an October 31 baby, but apparently not. She is celebrating with drink and smoke, regardless of doctor’s orders. Have to love self indulgence. Especially when it looks … Continue reading “Blasphemous Birthday Girl Kota_Morgue”