Vaughn Belak Artist Interview – Tango with the (very very handsome talented) Devil

By Sally Lupercalia on September 13, 2017

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Vaughn Belak, who paints like he is trying to beat the devil himself in a hot goth girl portrait contest. Although he says his tastes run more to dirty glam than southern fried rock, I’d say this is a Devil Went Down to Georgia situation, where Mr. Belak would win that competition. Vaughn Belak has a book about to come out, Dodging Knives and Throwing Bullets: The Dark Art and Inspiration of Vaughn Belak. Mr. Belak humored the fetish model question I accidentally included, he is a talented artist, and he is well-armed, and he is very very handsome.


ILD: Height? 6’1″
Eye color? Blue/Green
Hair color? Reddish brown secret ginger.
Chest? I have one.
Weight? 196lbs
Age? 46 physically, 18 mentally.

ILD: How long have you been an artist?

I mean, the easy answer is all my life in some form or fashion but professionally about 9 years.

How did you choose your artist name?

I didn’t. My mother did. Vaughn Belak is my actual factual name.

So you’re an artist what else do you do? Model? Act? Play Music? Are you a spy?

I am a reformed musician of questionable talent and aside from painting my main things are riding/working on motorcycles, guns and listening to terrible Skandinavian death punk.

What was the craziest thing you ever had to do while playing truth or dare?

Lit my dick on fire for $200 once. Drunken dare at 6am after a 3 day bender. I look back at this event with a sense of fond regret. Ha..

Have you ever seen the sun?

Living here in Florida the sun is actually across the street from me.

Favorite music/band?

I love gutter glam/street rock like Turbonegro, Lords of the New Church, Backyard Babies, Smack and Dogs D’amour. Anything with dirt and grit as well as a bit of style.

Favorite movie?

Smokey and the Bandit for life.

Favorite food?


Turn Ons?

Intelligence, independence and long legs. My wife has all three.

Turn Offs?

Disloyalty and ignorance. I will always walk away from negative people.

So, What’s your sign baby?

I am the stereotypical Sagittarian in all ways.

Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

I do not. The wife might just be a bit upset if I did.

Drink of Choice?

Coffee. Black.

Do you own a gun?

I do indeed.

Have you ever killed anyone? If so do you eat what you kill?

Due to statutes of limitations in the US I will pass on this question.

Have you ever kicked a nun?

As an optimist I will say not yet.

Have you ever popped out of a cake?

This seems like something I should have done at some point but I suppose I have to say no. Not yet anyways but it is still early.

Have you ever secretly done the robot dance in the mirror when nobody was looking?

I have very little to no shame and an 8 year old boy. Dance parties break out on a regular basis in this house.

What does the future hold for you?

I like to set goals so big that they make me nervous. My hope is that the future holds even bigger things than that. There are a ton of things on the horizon and October is my busiest month of the year. So far I have three events for sure. Spooky Empire which is a huge horror convention I will be showing at as well as two gallery shows here in Orlando. One of those is at a gallery called Thirty Six Black which is the best and only dark arts gallery here in Orlando. You should check them out! Also, my new art book “Dodging Knives and Throwing Bullets” is set to be released in October! You can sign up to pre order that at

What words of advice would you give to someone just starting out in the fetish modeling scene?

Having done some fetish modeling in my very distant and sordid past I would say never go to a shoot with a new photographer by yourself. If you do decide to do so maybe watch a lot of Saw films for preparation and bring a gun. One never knows.

Where can fans find you and your work or any new projects you’d like to share?

Well, my website has recently relaunched at and I am also on the Facebooks and Instagrams. Being the ONLY Vaughn Belak on the planet (so far) I am extremely easy to find and I promote constantly. Right now, there is a Kickstarter going for the hardcover coffee table art book I will have out this winter.

When was the last time you danced with the devil?

Oh, we Tango quite often. I keep him on speed dial.

Thank you for the questions! Have a great day.

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