Submit To Succubus RazorCandi’s Sinful Invitation

By Sapphire Phoenix on September 12, 2017

Imagine you open your eyes in the middle of the night, and you see the gorgeous succubus RazorCandi. Without saying a word, she offers you her hand, which you take without hesitation, and, upon doing so, you are transported to her very own realm, where you will savor pleasures like your mind has never believed possible.

She turns the lights on, just enough for you to see her whole body, and you notice her sensual outfit that barely covers her breasts. It is a lingerie set that you’ve always dreamed about seeing on a woman, and there she is, in front of you, wearing it.

RazorCandi lets you admire her whole outfit in this set, with horns that cause more desire than fear for her, and invite you to continue watching her, as she takes you on a ride of newfound pleasures that start with her dominating gaze making sure you are only thinking about her, as she starts posing and inviting you to come closer, until she decides that she doesn’t want to wear any clothes at all anymore, and she begins disrobing, before becoming even more playful as you continue to watch her, awaiting the moment she finally instructs you to join her.

If you enjoyed this set and want more from this hot artist (like a hardcover coffee table art book, ebooks, shirts, calendars and much more), you should check out the projects that she’s got planned for the future, and support the great artistic vision of this gorgeous lady.

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