RazorCandi Duplicates Her Hotness With A Mirror

RazorCandi shows you her unique way of feeding your desires on this set where she is wearing a sexy little lingerie set that pours sensuality all over the place. She looks amazingly hot, and she has decided to enhance that feeling by playing with a mirror to give you an extra something to admire, as … Continue reading “RazorCandi Duplicates Her Hotness With A Mirror”

RazorCandi Enjoys A Wild Time At The Beach

RazorCandi appears on an island, and she is playing with different tribal elements while wearing something that makes her look like a goddess who has come to show you the pleasures she can make you feel on this perfect beach setting. This is an island you wouldn’t mind getting lost on, especially because of the … Continue reading “RazorCandi Enjoys A Wild Time At The Beach”

Submit To Succubus RazorCandi’s Sinful Invitation

Imagine you open your eyes in the middle of the night, and you see the gorgeous succubus RazorCandi. Without saying a word, she offers you her hand, which you take without hesitation, and, upon doing so, you are transported to her very own realm, where you will savor pleasures like your mind has never believed … Continue reading “Submit To Succubus RazorCandi’s Sinful Invitation”

RazorCandi Mouthwatering Harvest

This RazorCandi shoot has plenty of the sexiness you like to see when this gorgeous woman is in front of you, and gives it to you straight by not wasting any time with clothing items that hinder your enjoyment of her beautiful body, because she is wearing only a pair of panties and a cape, … Continue reading “RazorCandi Mouthwatering Harvest”

RazorCandi is loving the alien

RazorCandi seems to set me up for some great Bowie nods. In this Alien inspired theme shoot, she draws on the legend of H.R. Giger in taking her inspiration. I love Alien. It scared me enough as a kid to have me sleep with my hand over my face (no, I didn’t think that would … Continue reading “RazorCandi is loving the alien”

Ask Razor Candi About Sexy Blasphemy

Here at ILD, we are fans of the RazorCandi.com site. Lots of gothic hotness, with occasional nun and demon spice and everything nice. While she blogs on the site a lot, she says she thinks it would be fun to interact in real time more. So Razor Candi is doing her very first AMA Ask … Continue reading “Ask Razor Candi About Sexy Blasphemy”

RazorCandi Sneaky Tease

My, oh my! This set starts with the right foot forward! It not only shows the gorgeous RazorCandi with a mix of platinum and dark hair that brings out her lovely eyes and accentuates the vivacity of her skin, but she is also showing you her breasts almost immediately, a thing that is always appreciated, … Continue reading “RazorCandi Sneaky Tease”

RazorCandi’s SexDrive Blues

RazorCandi is showing off some Sign of Agony swag here. I have to say, I checked the band out and I’m a fan. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have RazorCandi as the person introducing you to the masses like me. The main draw here, for me, is the feel I get from this shoot. … Continue reading “RazorCandi’s SexDrive Blues”

Luring Zombie RazorCandi

Imagine the deliciousness of a zombie Apocalypse full of creatures that look, undress and play with themselves as erotically as RazorCandi does on this set where she is characterized like a zombie, only with a more modern, more sensual approach. A thing that becomes apparent from the moment you lay eyes on her subtle, yet … Continue reading “Luring Zombie RazorCandi”

RazorCandi delivers us from sin

Remember that time when you found out Chumbawumba did this killer song for the Stigmata soundtrack? You were like ‘no way, that can’t them!’. Well, this rather devilish look from RazorCandi is giving me a similar feeling. It’s not that I didn’t think ‘she had it in her’–not at all. It’s more of a feeling … Continue reading “RazorCandi delivers us from sin”