Ravishing Succubus Ophelia Rain Comes To Excite You

A bolt of excitement and arousal hits you when you see the hot succubus Ophelia Rain with her black dress, jet hair, deep and penetrating blue eyes and her magnetic charm that makes you want to see more of her creamy skin from the first moment you lay eyes on her fantastic body. She is … Continue reading “Ravishing Succubus Ophelia Rain Comes To Excite You”

RazorCandi Duplicates Her Hotness With A Mirror

RazorCandi shows you her unique way of feeding your desires on this set where she is wearing a sexy little lingerie set that pours sensuality all over the place. She looks amazingly hot, and she has decided to enhance that feeling by playing with a mirror to give you an extra something to admire, as … Continue reading “RazorCandi Duplicates Her Hotness With A Mirror”

RazorCandi Enjoys A Wild Time At The Beach

RazorCandi appears on an island, and she is playing with different tribal elements while wearing something that makes her look like a goddess who has come to show you the pleasures she can make you feel on this perfect beach setting. This is an island you wouldn’t mind getting lost on, especially because of the … Continue reading “RazorCandi Enjoys A Wild Time At The Beach”

Designer Samanthasjones’ Sultry Satanic Look

Where to start with this wonderful devilish design by samanthasjones? The flame side detail is high up on my list of favorite attributes, as is the high slit. The fabric also appears as if it has a sheen to it, and I can just imagine some silver glitter sprinkled over the flames to make it gleam even more. … Continue reading “Designer Samanthasjones’ Sultry Satanic Look”

Sultry Dante Devils May Cry Cosplay by DallyDANTE

Devil hunters don’t come much cooler than Dante in Devils May Cry. A lot of the cool factor comes with his name, which he shares with the poet who wrote himself into Hell and fought against sin, dodging Lucifer in the process, but Dante’s backstory, mission, and appearance are compellingly badass as well. Cosplayer DallyDANTE sure didn’t … Continue reading “Sultry Dante Devils May Cry Cosplay by DallyDANTE”

Dante Devils May Cry Cosplay Photos by LJinto

Demon-slayer Dante has no dearth of action poses, as shown in this cosplay at Katsucon 2011, cape swept dramatically outward and a weapon in each hand. The solid, bold red and black colors evoke a warlike dignity, and that wig does not look cheap. The sword looks particularly legitimate, and I don’t envy anybody who comes in striking distance. LJinto did … Continue reading “Dante Devils May Cry Cosplay Photos by LJinto”

Fun and Downright Awe-Inspiring Jersey Devil Tee

I don’t know why, but I have this image in my head of a cheesy-looking Jersey Devil… and this t-shirt certainly upended some low graphics expectations. The graphic’s size commands a lot of attention, although size isn’t even the most striking element of this design: it’s the balance of black and beige and minimal presence of … Continue reading “Fun and Downright Awe-Inspiring Jersey Devil Tee”

Marilyn Manson Third Day of a Seven Day Binge

If you have been indulging for three days, yet you are still cogent enough to know you have four days of binging left, does it really count as a binge? Shouldn’t binging imply more of a loss of control or is this really the way to do it? Anyway, according to Pale Emperor track Third … Continue reading “Marilyn Manson Third Day of a Seven Day Binge”

Marilyn Manson Mephistopheles of Los Angeles

Mephistopheles was a character in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust: A Tragedy. Mephistopheles is damned already and he warns Faust that making a deal with the devil is going to go poorly for him. So I guess Marilyn Manson, in his Pale Emperor track The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles, is saying that he should serve … Continue reading “Marilyn Manson Mephistopheles of Los Angeles”

Die Antwoord Cookie Thumper

Cookie Thumper, off the Fatty Boom Boom album, is Die Antwoord’s obscene ode to naughty Catholic girls. Directed by Ninja, the video features Yo-Landi as a uniformed schoolgirl getting into trouble. The kind of uniformed schoolgirl who would metaphorically and literally set her uniform on fire. This music video includes black cats, illicit sex, girls … Continue reading “Die Antwoord Cookie Thumper”