RazorCandi Duplicates Her Hotness With A Mirror

By Sapphire Phoenix on October 3, 2017

RazorCandi shows you her unique way of feeding your desires on this set where she is wearing a sexy little lingerie set that pours sensuality all over the place.

She looks amazingly hot, and she has decided to enhance that feeling by playing with a mirror to give you an extra something to admire, as her reflection offers a different angle on the lascivious things she is showing you, while it also creates something magical by allowing you to see two RazorCandies at the same time.

RazorCandi is always creating erotic stuff, and you can find more of her unique goodness in her book, which is available now, and contains lots of images that can make you feel all turned on and satisfied.

I just had to shoot a set when I laid eyes on this huge mirror! Really loving both color scheme and styling in this one. Hope you all enjoy glances of every angle 😉

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