Happy Alarm And Chikkin In Hot Cake-Covered Playtime

This is one very sexy set, and the way that Happy Alarm and Chikkin show you their sweet, lustful and inviting… Ok, I’m slightly distracted here, so I’ll start over, just give me one more minute to admire the beauty of these gorgeous women. What? That was more than a minute? Well, bear with me, … Continue reading “Happy Alarm And Chikkin In Hot Cake-Covered Playtime”

RazorCandi is loving the alien

RazorCandi seems to set me up for some great Bowie nods. In this Alien inspired theme shoot, she draws on the legend of H.R. Giger in taking her inspiration. I love Alien. It scared me enough as a kid to have me sleep with my hand over my face (no, I didn’t think that would … Continue reading “RazorCandi is loving the alien”