Happy Alarm And Chikkin In Hot Cake-Covered Playtime

By Sapphire Phoenix on November 18, 2016

This is one very sexy set, and the way that Happy Alarm and Chikkin show you their sweet, lustful and inviting… Ok, I’m slightly distracted here, so I’ll start over, just give me one more minute to admire the beauty of these gorgeous women.

What? That was more than a minute?

Well, bear with me, because once you see all the hot things these two ladies are up to in this BlueBlood photo set, you’ll not only understand why I am pleasantly distracted, but you’ll also want to spend a lot of time surveying each BarelyEvil image and every detail about them so you can better remember them through your day, or in your dreams. Whatever the case, you’ll surely be coming back for more sexiness from Happy Alarm and Chikkin in this arousing presentation.

On this set they are supposed to be next to a pool, and they may or may not have some cakes with them at first. I have to be honest, you may have a hard time noticing the cake until they start smearing it on each other, and the pool, you may also not notice if it is there, because every time that you go back to one of the images where it supposedly appears, you can see many more alluring elements, and they put you in such a blissful state that you won’t be able or willing to do anything else but stare in wonder.

Now, I don’t know if you already know this, but the gorgeous Happy Alarm (the lady with the blue hair) is launching a very sexy book where she wants to show you more of her modelling work as well as her artistic skill with some drawings of hers. This project looks great, but it needs your help to succeed, which is why she has launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can support it.

Imagine more of Happy Alarm’s hotness, but printed on a book you can keep on your nightstand and check out before you go to sleep. There’s a lot of sweet dreaming right there!

If you want more information about this coffee table book, you can check out her Kickstarter and the video where she explains more about it.

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