Support Happy Alarm Audra’s Sexy and Imaginative Style

By Sapphire Phoenix on November 16, 2016

Lots of color and sexiness can be enjoyed with this beautiful woman, and you’ll constantly find yourself not only staring at Ultra Happy Alarm Audra in delight, but also coming back for more. The way that her hair looks in combination with her…

…Wait a minute! I am going at it as usual, but this is a special occasion, so let’s get in the proper spirit, shall we?

You’ve seen her many times before with her super-hot looks and creative photo sets from BlueBlood, and odds are that, if you saw her work, you count her projects among your favorites. I mean, who could forget how alluring she looked in that pumpkin-carving set? Or the playful sensuality on display on the, well, pretty much any other set where you can find this gorgeous woman.

This is actually a fantastic thing, even more so because she has decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a project of hers, consisting of a book where you will be able to find more good stuff about what she does, with lots of perks associated for those who choose to help her fund this project.

Her Kickstarter was created to help her release this hardcover coffee table book where you’ll see more of that artistic style of hers that will immediately cheer you up. This awesome book won’t just contain photos about her modelling, but also some personal ones, as well as drawings made by her. This will get you closer than ever to her fun and inventive style!

Of course, I could tell you more about her project, but I think it’s better if I let the charming Happy Alarm tell you all about it instead, so check out her video to learn more about this project.

Oh, and don’t forget to help keep the cuteness and imagination of Happy Alarm Audra coming by supporting her Kickstarter.

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