Dorothy’s Au Naturel Pumpkin Carving

By Sapphire Phoenix on October 28, 2016

I am not usually that big a fan of pumpkin carving, at least I wasn’t until I laid eyes on the beautiful Dorothy in this sexy and fun Blueblood set where you can see lots of interesting things, starting with the fact that she is naked from the beginning, only partially covering her lady bits with the pumpkin she is about to carve.

This sets a lovely stage for many enticing things to look at, as she poses with her big pumpkin and progressively carves it through the set, playing with the bits she chops off and using them to increase the fascinating view of her body.

When she finishes carving her pumpkin, she presents it to you, and since she doesn’t want you losing focus or having your gaze distracted by her bare body, she puts her clothes back on, which is a refreshing change, because the set starts without clothes and ends with Dorothy posing and showing off her work while also giving you a taste of her halloweeny outfit.

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