Happy Alarm And Sonja Enjoy A Cake Party In the Desert

This BlueBlood set carries a lot of sensuality in each image, and since it takes its time showing you lots of sexy things, you can thoroughly enjoy the scene that’s happening in front of you in sweet detail, because the images let you see the whole process of these lovely ladies playing around with their … Continue reading “Happy Alarm And Sonja Enjoy A Cake Party In the Desert”

Happy Alarm Enjoys a Dessert In The Desert

This BlueBlood set is very sweet, and I don’t only mean that because of the cake, but also because you will get to see the gorgeous Happy Alarm naked from the start in a desert, and with her being outdoors you get that exciting feeling maybe you can sometime catch a glimpse of her on … Continue reading “Happy Alarm Enjoys a Dessert In The Desert”

Alarm Audra Having Zoo Much Fun

Do you like going to the zoo? I actually didn’t, but then I caught a glimpse of Alarm Audra in this BlueBlood set where she actually has some fun at that place, and I don’t know what it was about it (I’m lying, I totally do: it was her delightful personality and gorgeous looks) but … Continue reading “Alarm Audra Having Zoo Much Fun”

Alarm Audra And Harley Greens Show You That A Shared Cake Is Always Sweeter

Cake is more fun when you enjoy it with friends, and when your friends are as hot as Alarm Audra and Harley Greens, then you may not even pay attention to the cake, unless they do what these gorgeous ladies are doing in this set where you’ll see a lot of delicious cake being smeared … Continue reading “Alarm Audra And Harley Greens Show You That A Shared Cake Is Always Sweeter”

Dorothy Delightfully Covered In Sweetness

When you first look at this BlueBlood set you notice that Dorothy’s got a green Halloween cake, and she is already naked, so you start to think that maybe she will just pose with it playfully, but no, she’s got lots of sexy and seductively messy things in mind for that cake, and you get … Continue reading “Dorothy Delightfully Covered In Sweetness”

Happy Alarm And Chikkin In Hot Cake-Covered Playtime

This is one very sexy set, and the way that Happy Alarm and Chikkin show you their sweet, lustful and inviting… Ok, I’m slightly distracted here, so I’ll start over, just give me one more minute to admire the beauty of these gorgeous women. What? That was more than a minute? Well, bear with me, … Continue reading “Happy Alarm And Chikkin In Hot Cake-Covered Playtime”


BarelyEvil.com is one of the hottest goth/punk/raver chick adult websites on the web. It’s jam packed with more crucifix inserting, blood drinking, leather clad, twisted little hotties that you can shake your stick at. Having never actually seen the other end of an adult members website, I was curious as to what to expect. After … Continue reading “www.BarelyEvil.com”

Meet The Blue Bloods

Amelia G and Forrest Black could easily be considered the OG’s of alternative erotica. The founders and driving force behind the influential Blue Blood Magazine, they have since gone on to produce such groundbreaking websites as BarelyEvil.com, GothicSluts.com and the newly launched Swag Magazine and RubberDollies.com. Before there was Suicide Girls, there were the Blue … Continue reading “Meet The Blue Bloods”