Alarm Audra And Harley Greens Show You That A Shared Cake Is Always Sweeter

By Sapphire Phoenix on December 5, 2016

Cake is more fun when you enjoy it with friends, and when your friends are as hot as Alarm Audra and Harley Greens, then you may not even pay attention to the cake, unless they do what these gorgeous ladies are doing in this set where you’ll see a lot of delicious cake being smeared on each other’s bodies.

Did I mention that they are both completely naked?

Because they are, and on this great BlueBlood set you can see them playing with the aforementioned cake while they also engage in some sexy poses and feed their dessert to each other, while also treating you to lots of views of their cake-covered butts.

Enjoy the images and maybe grab some cake yourself while you are at it, and don’t forget to check out Alarm Audra’s Kickstarter page where you can learn all about and support her idea to publish a coffee table book that will contain a lot of interesting things that go from pictures of this beautiful woman, to some of her artwork.

If you want more information, you can read more about it in her Kickstarter page, and you can also watch her video for an explanation of it where you can also hear her cute voice.

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