Domiana Demonica

Domiana is one of the hottest and most recognized fetish models in the biz. Her ghoulish good looks have graced more websites and magazines than you can count, including her own website, So, tell me about yourself. Who is Domiana Demonica? ONE BITCH YOU NEVER WANT TO CROSS. Your photos are EVERYWHERE. How did … Continue reading “Domiana Demonica”

Digital Diaries by Natacha Merritt

Digital Diaries Author – Natacha Merritt Published by – TASCHEN America “My photo needs and my sexual needs are one and the same.” – Natacha Merritt What’s this book about? Well, Girl get’s digital camera, Girl has lot’s of sex, Girl takes pictures of it, Girl make a book of it. How cool is that? … Continue reading “Digital Diaries by Natacha Merritt”

Georgia Bans Voluntary Female Genital Piercing

A big FUCK YOU goes out to the Georgia State Representatives, who voted unanimously today to make the practice of genital piercing illegal for women – but not men. The main purpose of the original bill (enacted in 1995) was to make female genital mutilation, a brutal ritual practiced in many African and Middle Eastern … Continue reading “Georgia Bans Voluntary Female Genital Piercing” is one of the hottest goth/punk/raver chick adult websites on the web. It’s jam packed with more crucifix inserting, blood drinking, leather clad, twisted little hotties that you can shake your stick at. Having never actually seen the other end of an adult members website, I was curious as to what to expect. After … Continue reading “”

Meet The Blue Bloods

Amelia G and Forrest Black could easily be considered the OG’s of alternative erotica. The founders and driving force behind the influential Blue Blood Magazine, they have since gone on to produce such groundbreaking websites as, and the newly launched Swag Magazine and Before there was Suicide Girls, there were the Blue … Continue reading “Meet The Blue Bloods”

The Fenix Underground Reopens

After a 2 year long hiatus, the legendary Fenix Underground (aka. “The Fenix”), in Seattle WA, will be reopening it’s doors on May 15th. The Nisqually Earthquake, on Feb. 28, 2001, devastated the historic Cadillac Hotel building, the former home of the Fenix, forcing the popular nightclub to close its doors after ten years of … Continue reading “The Fenix Underground Reopens”

The Debut-Taunt Burlesque

The performance art group Property Project hits the road this month with their traveling fetish/burlesque extravaganza. The first show is at the Rex Theatre in Pittsburg PA with Bella Morte. 2 Bands, 2 ACT fetish Show Burlesque Dancers, UV Reactive Paint, Suspension, and Grind Play Don’t forget your wallet because the exquisite work of Kelly … Continue reading “The Debut-Taunt Burlesque”

Propellerheads Reason 2.0

Propellerheads Reason 2.0 If you haven’t yet heard of Propellerheads’ Reason 2.0 Software, it’s time to come out from under your rock. Reason is a virtual rack of modular software synths, samplers, mixers, effects and MIDI sequencers that is quickly becoming an industry standard in electronic music production. For beginners, the world of electronic … Continue reading “Propellerheads Reason 2.0”

Peep Show Stories

Peep Show Stories is a very steamy blog written by Pagan Moss, an erotic peepshow dancer in Seattle Wa. Not only is it a daily journal, but is also a real life and intimate documentary of the lives of sex show workers and their customers in a Seattle peepshow. An excerpt from her June 16, … Continue reading “Peep Show Stories”