Digital Diaries by Natacha Merritt

By Schoepfergeist on July 12, 2004

Digital Diaries
Author – Natacha Merritt
Published by – TASCHEN America

“My photo needs and my sexual needs are one and the same.” – Natacha Merritt

What’s this book about? Well, Girl get’s digital camera, Girl has lot’s of sex, Girl takes pictures of it, Girl make a book of it. How cool is that?

Digital Diaries is a book of erotic digital photography by author and photographer, Natacha Merritt. The book is a raw and intimate look into the author’s sexual lifestyle and although it isn’t a new book, (it was released in March 2000) we felt that it was still an important book to preview.

It is rare in this oversaturated digital age of cookie cutter adult jack off material, to find something that stands out with so much artistic merit (no pun intended) as this book does. It is slick, sexy, hip and I hope it encourages everyone to go out and get a digital camera and do the same.

Then send me the photos…

If you would like to see more of Natacha’s work, check out her website at: or click the link to the right, to buy the book.

digital diaries natacha merritt scream

digital diaries natacha merritt book cover front

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