The Fenix Underground Reopens

By Schoepfergeist on May 10, 2003

After a 2 year long hiatus, the legendary Fenix Underground (aka. “The Fenix”), in Seattle WA, will be reopening it’s doors on May 15th.

The Nisqually Earthquake, on Feb. 28, 2001, devastated the historic Cadillac Hotel building, the former home of the Fenix, forcing the popular nightclub to close its doors after ten years of business. Shortly after the earthquake struck, owners Rick Wyatt and Mike Lagervall vowed, “the Fenix shall rise again!” and began the two-year process of finding a proper location and building a new Fenix worthy of its namesake’s reputation.

The new multi-level, 18,000 square foot building is located on 1st Avenue and Washington in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. The new club is spread over three floors with five bars, three dance floors, a pool hall, and a cafe, which will be open late on weekends.

The Aboveground stage will host a wide variety of national and local acts playing Reggae, Rock, Swing, Ska, Industrial and Gothic, and the Underground will feature DJ entertainment 7 nights a week. The cafe will feature Tex-Mex style cuisine and will be open for both lunch and dinner with seating available on the outdoor patio as well as inside seating complete with music and wireless Internet access.

Seattle’s Pioneer Square district is full of nightlife and on the weekends, the district hosts a joint cover charge, in which “The Fenix” will be included.

One of Seattle’s only REAL nightclubs, The Fenix Underground has lived up to its namesake, and is rising again. The next time you are in Seattle, check it out.

The Fenix Underground

fenix underground

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