By Schoepfergeist on July 12, 2003

BarelyEvil.com is one of the hottest goth/punk/raver chick adult websites on the web. It’s jam packed with more crucifix inserting, blood drinking, leather clad, twisted little hotties that you can shake your stick at.

Having never actually seen the other end of an adult members website, I was curious as to what to expect. After receiving that golden ticket in the form of my own user name and password, i logged in and was pleasantly surprised.

There are tons of photos and movies of hot, naked, purple haired, goth chicks, including twisted stories, games, chat rooms and message boards. Each photo set for each model (or models…he..he..heh…) is crammed full of pictures. Not 10 or 20 but sometimes up to 50 photos in each set. The amateur movies are very hot and very well done. The stories are totally twisted and I wasn’t sure if they made me want to play with myself or run screaming. Maybe both….? All the stories are in the form of a text file, which is a great idea because they load very quickly. The navigation is very simplistic, so everything is neatly organized and everything is easy to find. The content is updated on a regular bases and there is always something new and more exciting and twisted, every time you log in.

Don’t let the name fool you either. All models are over 18, most over 21 but none of them look it, that’s for sure. Tons and tons of images of scantly clad, hot, young chicks in baby doll costumes, sucking lollipops, inserting “things”, getting spanked and tied up. Hot Damn!

Overall, I give it an 10 in a scale of 1-10, and if you’ve never joined an adult site before, I would highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed and you can wank to your sick little heart’s content.


barelyevil review

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