Alarm Audra Having Zoo Much Fun

By Sapphire Phoenix on December 6, 2016

Do you like going to the zoo? I actually didn’t, but then I caught a glimpse of Alarm Audra in this BlueBlood set where she actually has some fun at that place, and I don’t know what it was about it (I’m lying, I totally do: it was her delightful personality and gorgeous looks) but I got completely interested in the setting.

Now, the zoo is obviously not the only interesting part about the set, although it does offer a fun and playful scene for Alarm Audra, but the actual charm of the whole thing is brought by her, because she is not only beautiful and absolutely adorable with her casual clothes, and also with the ways she always keeps you engaged by letting you see her butt and other highly erotic areas of her anatomy while she poses for you in the rocky and natural settings that the area provides.

She is also taking some pictures with animals, and they look very happy to be able to spend some time with this lovely woman, and the way she smiles throughout this set will have you totally enamored.

Don’t forget that Alarm Audra is launching a Kickstarter campaign for a coffee table art book where you can see more of the cuteness and sexy style of this beautiful woman, and that you can learn all there is to know about her project with the video that she prepared for you, and by checking out her Kickstarter page.

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