Happy Alarm Sprinkes Your Day With Sweet Sensuality

By Sapphire Phoenix on December 6, 2016

Happy Alarm initially has a little taste of her cake and she seductively brings her finger to her mouth while maintaining her inviting gaze locked on you, and then she proceeds to strip down to nothing and start dabbing her body and face with her strawberry cake, before using some sprinkles in a very creative and sexy way to cover her breasts.

You can see the fun she is having while she is posing on this Blueblood set as she is constantly smiling while she makes a delicious mess covering herself with syrup as if she was a delicious cupcake herself, and one you’ll definitely want to taste!

There’s more goodness to be had with the beautiful Happy Alarm with the book she is planning on launching, and for which she has prepared a Kickstarter campaign for you to be able to support this sexy and artistic project of hers and reap the rewards that come from being a contributor. You can learn much more about this fun project by checking out her video and her Kickstarter page.

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