Dorothy Delightfully Covered In Sweetness

By Sapphire Phoenix on December 2, 2016

When you first look at this BlueBlood set you notice that Dorothy’s got a green Halloween cake, and she is already naked, so you start to think that maybe she will just pose with it playfully, but no, she’s got lots of sexy and seductively messy things in mind for that cake, and you get to see the whole process unfold before your eyes.

It is amazing how the images depict Dorothy letting a touch of condensed milk fall on face and her bare body, because with the way is presented, it actually looks like it is running down her soft skin even if it is a still image, and how her body looks when she coats it with more delicious things is also a delight.

There are only a few days left on her Kickstarter campaign for her lovely coffee table art book, so you should head on over to her Kickstarter page and watch the video where Dorothy explains more about the sexy and artistic things that she’s got planned for this project.

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