iAmMegaGirl Raising Money for the Church

iAmMegaGirl says she is raising money for the church. I’m not sure that is wholly the case 😉 I do believe her when she says that the confessions stand is open. Some people in her room have been confessing some things. It is free to create a profile to profess your own confessional thoughts. I … Continue reading “iAmMegaGirl Raising Money for the Church”

Cyanide_B Church of Satanide

Cyanide_B has a cute Australian accent and sweetly curving black and red horns. Just like a good demon girl should. She says her hobbies include horror films, getting stabbed in the face, and starting fights while drunk. Despite this, Cyanide_B has a really bubbly friendly vibe to her broadcast. It is free to register your … Continue reading “Cyanide_B Church of Satanide”

Ask Razor Candi About Sexy Blasphemy

Here at ILD, we are fans of the RazorCandi.com site. Lots of gothic hotness, with occasional nun and demon spice and everything nice. While she blogs on the site a lot, she says she thinks it would be fun to interact in real time more. So Razor Candi is doing her very first AMA Ask … Continue reading “Ask Razor Candi About Sexy Blasphemy”

Blasphemous Birthday Girl Kota_Morgue

When I first came across the beautiful Kota_Morgue, she was literally eating pages out of the Bible. It is her birthday today. She seems like she should be an October 31 baby, but apparently not. She is celebrating with drink and smoke, regardless of doctor’s orders. Have to love self indulgence. Especially when it looks … Continue reading “Blasphemous Birthday Girl Kota_Morgue”

beautiCorpse in Blue

beautiCorpse is looking beautiful in blue. I love love love her permanent subdermal horns. Today, she is very flirty and I love the way her mischievous smile lights up the room. There is nothing sexier than a badass looking devil girl having a happy day. Especially with some of what beautiCorpse is planning to do … Continue reading “beautiCorpse in Blue”

Succubus Puts the Lotion on its Skin

Does it mean I am definitely evil, if, whenever I hear someone talking about lotion, I immediately think of the serial killer in Silence of the Lambs sending the moisturizer down in the bucket to the kidnapped woman? Well, pretty Denver Max is talking about adding lotion to her live broadcast performance tonight. No serial … Continue reading “Succubus Puts the Lotion on its Skin”

RazorCandi Interview

Known for her extravagant creative style, her pale complexion, and her flawless fashion model body, RazorCandi is one of the most famous faces (and bodies!) in gothic and deathrock modeling. I can’t even begin to count how many magazine covers this gorgeous woman has been on Gothic, Dark Spy, Unscene, Drop Dead, Riot Vixen, Tattoo … Continue reading “RazorCandi Interview”

Horned Blue beautiCorpse

Blue is the color of the day for seriously devilish beautiCorpse today. This subdermal horns beautiCorpse has just fit her face so well. I want to know who her artist is. I just noticed, also (be still, my beating heart!) that I think beautiCorpse may have a forked tongue as well. With her beautifully colored … Continue reading “Horned Blue beautiCorpse”

Beautiful Badass Kota_Morgue has some Bible Pages for You

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that it looks like Kota_Morgue is livestreaming tearing pages out of a gold leaf leather-bound bible and eating them. I’m kidding. I never know better and Kota_Morgue is definitely livestreaming a fabulous blasphemous show. She has this crazy blood dripping goth girl horror makeup on and she looks … Continue reading “Beautiful Badass Kota_Morgue has some Bible Pages for You”

WingID_Lust Red-Eyed Redhead Smoking

WingID_Lust is a sight for demon eyes. I love the pentagram in her black strap lingerie and her red eyes and her red eyeshadow and her red blush and her red hair in her hellfire red room. WingID_Lust is a hot goth girl who has a serious theme going on. It is free to create … Continue reading “WingID_Lust Red-Eyed Redhead Smoking”