The Electric Hellfire Club Incubus

Cleopatra Records just posted this flashback video of The Electric Hellfire Club playing their song Incubus and remembering their late keyboard player Shane Lassen. Yes, it looks like it is digitized off of an old VHS tape, but it is a piece of history. An incubus is a male demon who sexes sleeping ladies.

Marilyn Manson The Nobodies Against All Gods Remix

Off Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death), Marilyn Manson‘s song The Nobodies provided the soundtrack to a delightfully devilish music video directed by Paul Fedor. Lots of devil pope costuming and alien cardinals (gender fluid nuns?) kissing his demon horned majesty’s ring. Also, some crawling around in the mud, if you … Continue reading “Marilyn Manson The Nobodies Against All Gods Remix”