Countess Bathoria

By I Love The Devil on July 17, 2002

Countess Bathoria, Priscina Bathory de Esced or Melantha Blackthorne, will turn you on and scare you to death. Her websites & bring the world of “shock-erotica” to a whole new level. A model, actress, webmistress and self professed homicidal seductress, she has made appearances in magazines such as: Draculina, Corpse, Uphoria, Software, MK Ultra, Heartless Bitch and Playboy. She is presently working on an independent action/horror film called “Sinners and Saints”.


Model, Actress, Web Page Designer, Homicidal Seductress

Turn Ons

Obedience, Loyalty, Servitude, Endurance, Dreaming of being ravished by demons, Thunder storms, The German language, A sick, twisted sense of humor, What most people think of as ugly

Turn Offs

Cruelty to animals, Conformists, Dishonesty

Favorite Bad Movie

Nosferatu 1922 / Evil Dead

Favorite Bands:

Cradle Of Filth, Therion, Black Sabbath

Best Album Ever Made:

Therion (Deggial)


Performing, Music, My six cats and dog


countess bathoria

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