Embrace The Shadows With Vaughn Belak’s Master Strokes

Vaughn Belak’s work carries with it a sophisticated feel and a tempting style that makes you want to sit down and survey each line, not so much to memorize it, but to discover every stroke involved in their brilliant expression of the beauty of the dark arts. The depth and attention to detail that captures … Continue reading “Embrace The Shadows With Vaughn Belak’s Master Strokes”

Support The Alt Goddess RazorCandi!

RazorCandi is super-hot and passionate about what she does, and her smooth skin, dazzling body and her seductive personality can have you howling at the moon with every image where you see her posing erotically for you and… …I got distracted for a second there, so before I continue with saucy descriptions of her awesomeness, … Continue reading “Support The Alt Goddess RazorCandi!”