Delight In Charlotte’s Exquisite Darkness

In this BurningAngel set, you can see the eager Charlotte Sartre wearing a black dress with a pentagram formed by the fabric of her cleavage. This dress doesn’t stay on for long, though, because she takes off her clothes rather quickly, so her nudity can allow her to continue showing you her passionate side while … Continue reading “Delight In Charlotte’s Exquisite Darkness”

Embrace The Shadows With Vaughn Belak’s Master Strokes

Vaughn Belak’s work carries with it a sophisticated feel and a tempting style that makes you want to sit down and survey each line, not so much to memorize it, but to discover every stroke involved in their brilliant expression of the beauty of the dark arts. The depth and attention to detail that captures … Continue reading “Embrace The Shadows With Vaughn Belak’s Master Strokes”