Satanism and Star Wars

By Sally Lupercalia on August 14, 2016

The 9Sense Podcast appears to have a bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach to their talks about Satanism. In just over three hours from now, you can tune in on YouTube to check out the live stream of their conversation about Satanism and Star Wars. Will a Satanist deconstruction of Star Wars iconography be ridiculous or awesome or awesome and ridiculous? You will have to listen to find out, but, as they are broadcasting on YouTube, you’ll have plenty of opportunity, in the YouTube tradition, to express your appreciation or be a total jerk in the comments. I’m rooting for this being entertaining, clever, and unique and worthy of appreciation! Certainly, the idea of analyzing Star Wars characters through a Satanic prism seems very entertaining, clever, and unique, so hopefully the execution will be as well.

satanism and star-wars

Scheduled for Aug 14, 2016

Your sexy-Satanic hosts return in the next to last 9sense- Star Wars installment, LIVE! We will be discussing the iconic characters of the Star Wars Universe and their Satanic Expressions.

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