Turtle Demon AnimeAnnie

By Sally Lupercalia on August 15, 2016

I just read Molly Case at Sexy Fandom musing about what kind of a creature Bowser from Mario Bros is and saying that only late night con debates tend to suggest hellspawn. I have no idea why I know this, but actually the Koppa species which antagonist Bowser is a member of is from the Japanese word kappa. Kappa means turtle demon. So it is totally accurate to say that Bowser is a princess-kidnapping demon. It is also accurate that Anime Anime, who is cosplaying a gender bender version of Bowser, looks adorably sexy in those horns. I bet Princess Peach would not mind being kidnapped by Anime Anime and I bet a lot of people would play that video game. Anime Anime is broadcasting live now, and it is free to join her broadcast, so I guess, in a way, a lot of people already are playing that video game.

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