Peep Show Stories

Peep Show Stories is a very steamy blog written by Pagan Moss, an erotic peepshow dancer in Seattle Wa. Not only is it a daily journal, but is also a real life and intimate documentary of the lives of sex show workers and their customers in a Seattle peepshow. An excerpt from her June 16, … Continue reading “Peep Show Stories”

Rion Vernon’s Pin-Up Toons

Rion Vernon is the creative genius behind the ever-so-swanky Pin-Up Toons. His sexy characters have been turning heads everywhere and we had a chance to speak with him about his art and what’s on the horizon. Rion, Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Let’s start with the Pin-Up Toons. How long has … Continue reading “Rion Vernon’s Pin-Up Toons”

Messy Stench

I had a chance to chat online with Messy Stench, the girl behind and her clothing line, Dumpstar Designs. Hey there shit, yarr matey Hey did you do he Flash on your site oui oui monsignor. Cool i did and do everything on the site. Though, hopefully, that’ll change soon. It’s all about interns. … Continue reading “Messy Stench”

Elkie Cooper

Elkie Cooper is DC’s premiere fetish model. She was the Easyriders Magazine Centerfold in August 2002 and has been featured in Gothic Beauty, Skin Two, Carbon 14 and Screw magazines. She was also the winner of’s Amateur Screentest #1. You can see more of Elkie on her website at Turn Ons? A Sense … Continue reading “Elkie Cooper”


Kimberly (Timmy) occupies her evenings as a band publicist and promotional director for The Last Dance. ( She will also be a resident music reviewer for So in addition to being a model, you are involved with band management? Well, my label with The Last Dance is not band manager.. Actually, I focus moreso … Continue reading “Kimberly”