Discover A Tempting Forest Demon In Clockwork

By Sapphire Phoenix on September 8, 2017

You are taking a relaxing stroll through a forest when you notice that you’ve strayed too far from the known path. You feel a bolt of fear as you realize that you’ve lost your way, and the trip back home could be harder than you initially imagined.

As you are thinking this, with hundreds of plans rushing through your mind about what to do and your brain struggling to retrace your steps, you come across a gorgeous figure.

Right in front of you, close enough to touch her, you see Clockwork; a devilish huntress that has come to seduce you and ease your worries.

Upon seeing this GodsGirls beauty, your sense of uncertainty is transformed into a profound feeling of lust as this beautiful demon begins working her magic on you, starting by showing you her skimpy outfit in a playful way.

You notice her long legs with her shiny boots and you get lost on them. You find yourself slowly giving in to her charms as she continues to enthrall you by removing her clothes and maintaining that aura of temptation alive, until all your notions of going home dissipate, and you make the decision to stay with this beautiful being for eternity.

Name Clockwork
Age 27
Gender Female
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Straight
Occupation Monster under the bed
Sign Pisces
Why Im a GodsGirl Because being naked is awesome!

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