Stella Chuu is Devil Homura

By Akira Jasmine on August 7, 2016

Homura Akemi is one of the characters in the anime series “Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica“, a story of friendship between four young girls who wish to fulfill their dreams by becoming magical girls. She’s a transfer student with a quite, somber demeanor in the beginning of the series, however, because of her beauty and excellence in sports and academics she easily became popular in their school. She has one of the coolest powers among the girls, having the ability to time travel. In the anime fanworld, she is popularly known as “Devil Homura” for some reasons that you must find out yourselves as you watch the series. She may have seemed like the antagonist in the story because of what her fans call her but she’s actually one of the main characters you’ll love.

Here’s Stella Chuu’s Devil Homura cosplay which she wore in many cosplay conventions. She made the skirt out of ostrich feathers making it really eccentric yet elegant. Check out her website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch accounts for more of her cosplay posts and updates. You may also visit her Patreon and Storenvy account to help contribute to her work and get cool items!

These stunning photos were taken by White Specs Photography, Make Your Own Fun, Rudi B Photography, Anna Fischer, Sorairo Days, and XPho.

Homura Akemi
Homura Akemi

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