KathTea Unleashes The Sexy Devil Within

By Sapphire Phoenix on September 7, 2016

KathTea shows you that releasing the devil that exists within you is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when your inner demon looks as hot as hers does. This whole GodsGirls set is shot in black and white, while maintaining the reds in the images as the only colors that stand out, which makes her items, and sumptuous red lips look even hotter.

It is here that a lot of amazing details emerge, like the fact that, when it starts, you are watching a hot lady wearing a corset that showcases her proverbial hourglass figure, a detail that I’m sure you’ll appreciate, and said lady poses for a few moments with her natural look, until, slowly, her inner demon starts manifesting itself, and she continues her sexy posing while the devilish elements continue to be added to her look, until you are in the presence of a full on sexy devil here to mesmerize you with her sensuality.

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