Sultry Dante Devils May Cry Cosplay by DallyDANTE

By Zoe Grabow on September 22, 2016

Devil hunters don’t come much cooler than Dante in Devils May Cry. A lot of the cool factor comes with his name, which he shares with the poet who wrote himself into Hell and fought against sin, dodging Lucifer in the process, but Dante’s backstory, mission, and appearance are compellingly badass as well. Cosplayer DallyDANTE sure didn’t mess around with the costume in this cosplay (I especially dig the skull sword), and photographer Sakari-san did a great job capturing him in profile. The fact that we don’t see his eyes makes him all the more enigmatic and powerful.

took some pics of the BF in his new Dante (DMC4) cosplay. He’s pretty excited about it, even wore it at Fandom Fest this past friday. These pics were from earlier.

Series: Devil May Cry 4
Chara: Dante

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