RazorCandi’s SexDrive Blues

By Jim Phoenix on September 21, 2016

RazorCandi is showing off some Sign of Agony swag here. I have to say, I checked the band out and I’m a fan. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have RazorCandi as the person introducing you to the masses like me. The main draw here, for me, is the feel I get from this shoot. It’s the dirty rock vibe. You know, the kind you’d find on the floor of the Boston (didn’t that place burn down?) in Vegas circa 1998. The look and feel of a mid-December CBGBs after the smoking ban when punks would freeze outside lighting up and still use the floor as a toilet inside.

What RazorCandi is selling in this shoot with the black shirt, the very short skirt (when either are on) and the hair is the mod girlfriend. You know who I’m talking about. The one girl in your life if you called up at 3am and said, ‘Jameson’ she’d meet you down at some Hellfire reboot with a top, some killer spiked heels, and not whole much else. Speaking of killer heels, where does she get those shoes?

If you’ve ever woken up leaned up against a razor-tongued vixen, then you know exactly how I feel when I look at this shoot. She’s the one you can count on to be your wingman, drink beers, shoot whiskey, and then use the bottles to smash the skull next to you. That’s what I love about Razor Candi–she can be a million things in a photoshoot from a space alien to a devil to a haunting of how you spent your 20s. This shoot really displays that.

Hey, if you think this shoot is hot, you gotta check out her book. She’s close to the goal and a few more button pushes you too can have your very own copy of RazorCandi’s book, live in front of your steaming filthy little eyes (and hands, if you get the hard–no pun–copy).


Prior to shooting this set I was lucky enough to meet some very cool people here in Transylvania, a couple of them being in a sludge band called Sign of Agony, who gave me this really cool shirt which I modified myself to fit me juuuuust right, don’t yah think? Anyway I thought using one of their song names was pretty fitting for the set, hope you enjoy!

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