RazorCandi Shows The Sensual Nature Of Simplicity

By Sapphire Phoenix on September 10, 2016

RazorCandi is looking very hot while wearing her black Sign of Agony shirt, and a tight pair of black pants that gorgeously envelope her long, sexy legs.

This is a very simple set, and that simplicity allows the photos to really bring out RazorCandi’s intense sensual persona while she poses and introspectively looks out the window while she slowly takes off her clothes, caresses her body, and tempts you with her increasing nudity before she takes matters to the nearby bed and starts pleasuring herself while you enjoy the dreamlike scene unfolding before your eyes.

While you enjoy this beautiful set, remember that RazorCandi launched a Kickstarter for a coffee table artbook of her work, which allows you to bring the fantasy of having her near you closer than ever before, so be sure to check it out if you want to support her sexy art.

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