RazorCandi Mouthwatering Harvest

By Sapphire Phoenix on October 30, 2016

This RazorCandi shoot has plenty of the sexiness you like to see when this gorgeous woman is in front of you, and gives it to you straight by not wasting any time with clothing items that hinder your enjoyment of her beautiful body, because she is wearing only a pair of panties and a cape, which, in tandem with her black hair, gives her a powerful mystical look.

She is shooting this lascivious set herself, which means that every picture gives you angles that get you closer to her bare lady parts as she is fully showing you her breasts, and at times even moving her panties to the side a little to tease herself with her fingers.

This shoot has a harvest concept in mind, which is why she also appears in some sexy poses carrying or being around pumpkins to keep with the spirit of this spooky season, and those pumpkins do look ripe and delicious, adding a nice bit of color to the images while RazorCandi shows you something else that’s big, round and juicy.

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