RazorCandi delivers us from sin

By Jim Phoenix on September 17, 2016

Remember that time when you found out Chumbawumba did this killer song for the Stigmata soundtrack? You were like ‘no way, that can’t them!’. Well, this rather devilish look from RazorCandi is giving me a similar feeling. It’s not that I didn’t think ‘she had it in her’–not at all. It’s more of a feeling like, ‘Holy crow, I’ve seen Razor Candi in so many different killer looks before, I didn’t even know she did deep down horror.’

This shoot has it all. It’s Razor Candi at her best. We see her as this demon crawling out of the mouth of hell. She’s frightening. She’s vulgar (in that good way). She’s the evil temptress that you know wants nothing more than to devour your soul and yet…

The contest she won demonstrates the raw talent of Razor Candi, but it’s this ‘after shoot’ that really shows why she’s special. Just take a look at some of the hellish poses here (I LOVE the photo with the tongue! That will haunt my dreams for months!). Don’t you get the feeling that she was really swinging for the fences on this one? As a kid, I would read horror comics (they were actually banned!) and every time a woman was introduced who wasn’t a victim, I knew she’d turn out to be the devil in disguise. Well, hat’s off to Razor Candi because this shoot brings me back to those magical moments of me in a library I was too young to fully appreciate, sitting down and reading page after page of hell unleashed.

This shoot exemplifies the reason why I just put down some dough for Razor’s new book (If you haven’t checked out her Kickstarter, the link is here). If you do read her page, you’ll know why she’s just not ‘another model’. She is, hands down, the best thing in town. After seeing this, I can safely say that she is the David Bowie of Alt Modeling.


Shot for the themed contest ‘The Devil Inside’ I immediately knew this theme was right up my alley, I really wanted this set to be more about the art behind erotic dark photography and so my gears instantaneously started turning. I’ve always shared an affinity for the occult and the dark side so it felt only logical to tackle this prize with some of my best dark styling and couldn’t wait to bring to life what I had in mind! Though originally I wanted to start off with an ethereal look before transforming into the Devil which lies inside, while reviewing the set I felt the transformation wasn’t necessary. I think my efforts paid off because not only do I feel this set is one of my best to date as far as theme and styling goes but I also won the contest!!

Words from the photographer: “After a few shoots directed to a more approachable look and style for the prize “The Devil Inside” we decided to go all out and do whatever we thought was cool and artistic and kind of make a “show of force”. Although I’m a fan of gadgets and normally use a whole array of equipment for my shoots, this time I wanted to try some very harsh shadows to try to replicate a deep enveloping darkness so I only used one light and kept things minimal. I think the desired effect was reached and I hope all your feedback will show just that. The title is taken from the movie Event Horizon, simply because both I and RazorCandi are major sci-fi/horror geeks and it sounded quite fitting. Shot to embody a fusion of visual references while shooting I was trying to capture something between a Boris Vallejo female figure fused with a very ornate almost horror/comic-book like demon. Hope you all enjoy the set and view it with an open mind. Cheers!”

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