Quoth the Raven, RazorCandi

By Jim Phoenix on September 16, 2016

It’s not every day that I get to engage in a Poe-inspired shoot. Although this RazorCandi shoot isn’t about that little raven, rather it’s about raven-haired temptress. This Razor Candi send off to Poe’s Ligeia finds its way to my review desk a few days shy of its original printing anniversary (September of 1838). I’m a lit geek. I love Poe. I love Poe so much I accidentally took a class in Pope. So, when I see RazorCandi is bringing to life one of his rather ill-fated heroines, I was pretty excited.

This shoot focuses on the recreation of an exceptional raven-haired beauty. Does that sound familiar to anyone? It’s like Poe was peering into the looking glass of time and pulling RazorCandi from the aether. Her hair is rocking a bit of a green streak. Her socks are especially a great touch. I loved the use of green here. Between the hair, the socks, and the tattoos, the tiny splashes of color add to this gothic library. If you can peel yourself away from looking at Razor, you can see that the books on the shelf include a few classics. Lovecraft is the first to catch my eye. Of course, one book that belongs on the shelf is Razor Candi’s own book (if you haven’t checked her Kickstarter out, now is a great time!).

Her glasses are a great touch here too. They connect rather well with the library. I’ve had a thing for librarians since I was a wee lad. To see Razor Candi in her glasses is a rather powerful image. She is at once displaying the blindness of Cupid, that drunken cherub shooting his arrows, and that of intelligence–keen and powerful.

The Jimmy Buffett song (I’m a parrot head–deal with it) ‘Love in a Libray’ comes to mind. There is, very much so, something ‘quiet and cool’ in this shoot. Then again, there is also something of a gasoline splash of gothic hotness here, too.


Thought this would be a fun theme for the Back to School season! Nothing like a gothic bookworm digging into a collection of spooky Ghost stories by some of the most renowned dark poets and macabre masterminds. Sinister stories of death and horror would scare most but I’m a little different than most 😉

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