Nun is more sinful than SnugglePunk

By Jim Phoenix on October 14, 2016

SnugglePunk is one of my favorite cam shows. Not only are the costumes rather insanely well done, but the level of genuine fun is off the scales. I am having a lot of fun in this rather sinful room. The two SnugglePunks are dressed in a bit of a nun outfit crossed with angel wings (and do I spy Harley Quinn bottoms?). Beyond these outfits being stellar (semi-spoiler, but one isn’t wearing panties and I had to delete a few NSFW photos when she flashed the camera), there is just something about a rather honest energy.

If you ever had a fantasy that involved two rather delicious and devious nuns making out with each other, then look no further. Get in SnugglePunk’s room. Get in now.

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