Masuimi Max is a Sultry Devil

By Sapphire Phoenix on September 1, 2016

There is a lot of gorgeous red on this BadMax set, and believe it or not, the one that stands out the most at first is not the fiery color of Masuimi Max’s devil outfit, which is very sexy and makes me think that, if all devils in hell are dressed like that and look like her, then it must be a constant party over there. The element that immediately draws your attention here, as it brings out her sensuality with very little effort is her lipstick. That passionate color just makes you want to lose yourself in her embrace, starting with those sweet lips, and continuing on her enticing cleavage that leaves enough concealed to be interesting, but reveals a touch of the outline of her breasts to make you sweat as you can’t help but focus on it.

Her long hair is gorgeous in this set, as its black color creates a perfect contrast with her outfit, especially with her cute horned hat. The outfit itself is very shiny, and its tightness works in such a wonderful way that it lets you see her butt very well when she bends over, and also gives you a hint of her nipples through the fabric, which is always a nice detail.

As stated above, the outfit itself does add some sensuality to her, but in the end, it is Masuimi Max the one who has all the appeal, which she demonstrates perfectly once she has shed her clothes and is posing for you, letting you see every bit of her nude body so you can contemplate it at your leisure, taking in every bit of sexy that exists on her delightful physique. It is an appeal so strong that there are images where the only thing you can see is her gorgeous face in a deep passionate stare and you still gasp for air as you feel your heart racing.

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