Kelly Eden Takes Us to Cakeland

By Akira Jasmine on August 23, 2016

There’s nothing sweeter than this sensual fauna cosplay by Kelly Eden, featuring the fantastic sweet world of Cakeland!

She’s wearing a beautiful lingerie from Petite Cherry Lingerie which fully accentuates her hot body topped with a pastel pink fur coat from Glitter Death. She is also wearing an antler crown that she made and is currently on sale in her online shop along with her other antler crown collections.

The set was designed by renowned painter, sculpturist, and cake artist, Scott Hove. He is well-known for his unique pieces, collectively known as Cakeland. However, unlike most cake artists, his cakes are purely artificial cakes carefully crafted in the same process as real cakes are.

These creative photos are taken by JWNY & FRIENDS.

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