Kamwカム카므’s Excellent Succubus Mabinogi Cosplay

By Zoe Grabow on November 5, 2016

Color contact lenses have always scared me, but I’d give them a try if I could look as fabulous as Kamwカム카므 in this succubus cosplay as Succubus Queen. Her violet eyes match the violet ears/wings, and the shiny halter top and lace fingerless gloves add sophistication to this look, inspired by Korean video game Mabinogi. Also, those intricate red and silver horns are too cool for words. And even though the costume is fabulous, my favorite aspect of this cosplay is the wash of light from a window behind the cosplayer, framing most of her in an ironic light background. Very nice.\



아쉬운 점이 좀 있는 마비노기 서큐버스퀸 부족한 코스프레지만 좋은 말씀을 해주시는 분들도 계시고, 지적해주시는 분들도 계시는데, 그런 부분들 또한 수용하려고 합니다 더 노력하고 분발할테니 지켜봐주세요*^ㅁ^*

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