Dolly Dreadful aka Divinora Darling

By I Love The Devil on July 17, 2002

Dolly Dreadful, aka Divinora Darling, is a fetish/pin-up model located in Los Angeles, CA. Her unique, porcelain-like appearance has been featured in numerous publications. In fact, when I checked out her photos for the first time, I thought I was looking at some kind of twisted, sexy mannequin. The name Dolly Dreadful seems to suit her perfectly.

So Dolly, tell me about yourself?

I am a Los Angeles based fetish/pin-up model obsessed with the strange and unusual.I came up with my name “DollyDreadful”,because when Iam not modeling I usually dress in the style of a demented doll.Iam obsessed with “Lolita Fashion”.I tend to wear those old 70’s babydoll dresses you’d find in grandma’s closet,along with my signature “poofed out” pigtails.I also collect antiques.

So you’re a fetish model, what else do you do? Act? Play Music? Are you a spy?

I dont act or play music,even though I LOVE music.I usually scout out old abandoned buildings and obscure,odd places.Anything with a history.As well as compulsively shopping for vintage clothing,new make-up,and antiques.I also dabble in photography a bit.I will be going back to school this year to get my degree in Mortuary Science.

You live in LA? Have you ever seen the sun? You must have to use like Sun Block SPF 1,000,000?

Yes, I live in LA.I do go out into the sun quite frequently.I tend to never get burned because my make-up contains sunscreen.And yes,that is my REAL skin.Its not a work of body make-up or photoshop.I really do look like that in person.

Choice of Music?

New Wave,Etheral,Ambient,Dark Wave,Black Metal,Heavy Metal,some Industrial,and sleazy Glam Rock,and when I say sleazy,I mean it!!!

Turn Ons?

Good looking people (how cliche).A great personality and a great sense of style.Anything really beautiful and/or unique.

Turn Offs?

Two faced people,Dishonesty,Backstabbing,Gossiping,Drama,Animal Cruelty,Violence,Vandalism.People who say “Is that really you in those photos?”.People who just dont “get the hint”.Bad luck,car accidents.The list goes on,there’s too many to name.

Drink of Choice?


Do you own a gun?

Nope,I wish I did!!!

Have you ever killed anyone? If so do you eat what you kill?

Oh yes!!! Ive killed thousands,they’ll never catch me bwuhahaha…..LOL.And….I ALWAYS eat what I kill.

Have you ever kicked a nun?

No,but I had one scream at me from across the street one time.Chastizing me for the way I looked.

Have you ever secretly done the robot dance in the mirror when nobody was looking?

Uhmmmmmm NO!!! Have you? Dont deny it!!! YOU mentioned it!!!

What does the future hold for Dolly Dreadful?

Hopefully lots of great oppurtunities and good luck.And to get my 1997 Black T Top Camaro back (I was in a bad car accident lately and its been forever since they started working on it ;( !!!!! )

Any plans for a Dolly Dreadful action figure? If so, I want one.

Yes,its a toss up between Hasbro and Mattel,HaHa!!!

When was the last time you danced with the devil?

Today on my sheets.’Nuff said.LOL.


Height: 5’6″
Eyes: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Chest: 34
Waist: 24
Hips: 32
Link: Dolly Dreadful Portfolio

Dolly Dreadful aka Divinora Darling

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