Delight In Charlotte’s Exquisite Darkness

By Sapphire Phoenix on September 9, 2017

In this BurningAngel set, you can see the eager Charlotte Sartre wearing a black dress with a pentagram formed by the fabric of her cleavage.

This dress doesn’t stay on for long, though, because she takes off her clothes rather quickly, so her nudity can allow her to continue showing you her passionate side while also combining some of that adorableness that resides inside her.

The result of this masterful combination of elements is a mix of sensual and scintillating that ensnares you from the start, leaving her with plenty of time to continue seducing you now that you are disarmed and docile, powerless to resist the exquisite invitation of her embrace.

I like Charlotte Sartre, our sweet goth princess in training is looking perfect in her little black pentagram dress. She’s the kind of girl who loves to ruin her clothes with jizz and wear it like a badge of honor. A keeper for sure!

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